Why "Badger Track"?

Every business has a story, and every name has a meaning. At Badger Track Customs, our name pays homage to a significant member of our family and symbolizes the core values we uphold in our services.

Our journey with 'Badger Track' started with our first dog, Penny, a lovely Weimaraner with long claws. The unique sound she made while walking around our house reminded us of a badger, and this amusing observation eventually became the inspiration for our business name.

But as we delved deeper into the world of badgers, we discovered that these unique creatures symbolize more than just an endearing memory. Badgers represent friendship, tenacity, creativity, and cleverness - virtues that we find essential to living a meaningful life and running a successful business.

Just like a badger, we know where our strengths lie. At Badger Track Customs, we channel these strengths into providing excellent laser engraving, vinyl printing, embroidery, and heat transfer services.

And as we honor the memory of Penny, we invite you to do the same. "A badger knows where its strength lies, do you?" Find your strength, channel it into something meaningful, and use it to change the world. Join us on this journey.